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Ready, Steady, Relax…


This is something we all need to do more of and especially if you are a working mum, you just don't get to set some time aside for yourself.

So today I am going to share with you some tips, so you can RELAX REFRESH and RECHARGE.

Breathing Exercise

Do some breathing exercises, take a deep breathe in through your nose, relaxation in and then exhale through your mouth- stress out. Repeat this a few times for at least 5-10 minutes. Slowing down your breathing helps release tension. You could also do some meditation, Find one you like on you tube . I personally start each morning with a visualisation by Carrie Green of the Female Entrepreneur Association. You could also try an app called Headspace, it has some great breathing exercise’s.

Bath Time

What better way to relax than a nice warm bath, don't forget the bath salts and relaxing music. Now when it comes to taking a bath, this is now a special treat for me, I never did before as it used to be because of the kids, every time I got in one wanted to go toilet, now as they are older its about having the time for a bath. So I make a big deal about my bath time ritual and I turn it into a home spa retreat. (want to know more about this-download your FREE copy of our Ultimate mini Retreat eBook here

Free your mind

Sometimes you need to just get things out of your head. Remember that saying a problem shared is a problem halved. Well when you write it down you are sharing it, not only that but you are getting those thoughts out of your head, just make sure you leave it there.


We don't need an excuse for this, go on watch your favourite movie or binge watch a box set. Comedies are great as they get you laughing, which we all know is good for the soul.

Do an activity you like

Take some time out for you! Spend some time doing something you like to do. Now there are a number of things you could do and as we are all different and like different things.

Here are some examples of things you could do:

  • Read a book

  • Go for a walk, get out in to nature (weather permitting)

  • Colour in, get a mindful colouring book, its amazing

  • Write in a gratitude Journal, some tings you are grateful for, this works wonders to go back and look at when you are feeling down


Reach for those relaxing essential oils and get that diffuser on. Essential oils have absolutely amazing therapeutic benefits and this is my go to at all times. I use an electric diffuser, where you put in some water and a few drops of your chosen essential oil (or sometimes a combination of essential oils).

So some relaxing essential oils are:


Ylang Ylang (floral scent)

Sandalwood (woody scent)



Neroli (mild citrus scent)



Just to name a few

So whatever you do make the time to relax , its our way to reset, even if you have to schedule it, write it in your dairy, its a skill that we have to learn to do, self care is a must for you to be able to function properly.

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