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What even is a Gua Sha?

A mirror Gua Sha Tool

What even is a Gua Sha, lets break it down

Gua Sha has been around for years but has become really popular, but what even is a GUa Sha. Well It is a tool that comes from an ancient Chinese method. When used It combines a unique effective blend of facial massage and Lymphatic drainage to naturally lift the skin and activate circulation.

Gua Sha works on the restoring tissues in the skin which becomes blocked and slow down circulation. It is a natural and simple way to facial care and mental health.

The tool is used by doing gentle sweeping movements across the face at specific points. Making sure to always work draining toward the lymph.

I have been using the Gua Sha tool on my face for about a year now and have definitely seen results , my face is so much more relaxed for the tension it has released in my jaw plus my face muscles feel so much more relaxed after using the tool. This is how I love to use the Gua Sha, using it first thing in the morning as part of my skincare ritual.

Benefits of using Gua Sha Facial tool

Tension Relief

This is one for all those who suffer from TMJ and tension in your jaw. We hold a lot of tension in our face and using the Gua Sha helps release this as it opens up the free flow of circulation through Lymphatic drainage (the lymph system helps rid the body of toxins and waste), great for headaches and prevents and fades expression lines.

A Relaxing Ritual

Using the tool is grounding as it is a slow pace, the stone is gently used across the face and helps you to clear your mind. Is a brilliant self care practice.

Natural Face Lift

lift & tighten saggy skin on the face and neck, It lifts and sculpts facial muscles and can help prevent sagging dull and wrinkled skin.

Radiant Glowing Skin

As it stimulates circulation and brings oxygen to the the skin it also boosts collagen leaving you with plumped skin. It also improves the lymph flow which results in great skin which is less inflamed. Regular use of the Gua Sha can also help your moisturiser to absorb better and it decongests the skin which can help acne.

MSA Gua Sha Treatment

Why not book in for our 45 minute Gua Sha treatment and get your natural face lift and radiant skin. BOOK HERE

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