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Our Packaging

We worked hard to find suitable packaging so that the containers could not only be reused but also to be able to offer refills as we believe we need to take care of the planet, so there is one left for our children. Our brand is plastic free in all aspects of packaging, so instead we use glass containers/ recycled packaging materials wherever possible.  We made a conscious decision not to use outer packaging.

Our glass bottles and jars are fully recyclable and reusable, especially for refills which we provide. Our aluminium bottles and jars are also fully recyclable and reusable. Our packaging is biodegradable from the shipping bags, packed with packaging peanuts (which dissolve in water) to the Sellotape we use which is brown paper tape. Our shipping boxes are made from recycled cardboard. Our labels are made from grass paper and are fully recyclable. We are continuously working on reducing our carbon footprint and are on the look out to further improve the recycled content of all our packaging.

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our partners

We are proud partners with Just One Tree, because we want our children to have a future and the problem is still solvable so this is our way to help.

Every £1 plants 1 Tree!

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