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3 Mistakes People Make When Buying Skincare

Can You Relate? Shopping for skincare can be confusing and frustrating and you can end up with the wrong product but whether you buy your skincare in person in a shop or online, you should really stop and think about it.

1. Not knowing your skin type. Have you ever heard the saying don't do food shopping when you’re hungry! Well don’t go shopping for skincare if you don’t know your skin type. You will just end up with unhappy skin, unhappy you and a product you just are not going to enjoy using. Are you aware what skin type you are? Did you know this can change depending on seasons and depending on what state your body is currently in, as in if your stressed, it shows up in your skin. So to find out your skin type, try this. wash your face as normal and then leave it for 10 - 20 minutes. How does your face feel? Dry? Oily in some places? So this enables you to look at your skins natural characteristics. Normal Skin will feel smooth and have no signs of dehydration or oiliness. Dry Skin will feel tight and have a dull appearance Oily Skin will feel oily and be shiny Combination Skin will have an oily T-zone (this is your forehead, nose and chin) the rest of the face can be either dry or normal. 2. Buying too many products

So, you know when you go into a shop for one thing and come out with 10 things. Either because it is on offer, buy one you get one free or you simply just like the container. Well stop and think before you do this with skincare as not everything will agree with your skin, just because it worked for your friend, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Its not a one size fits all and we all have different skin types. Plus, you know deep down in your heart you are not going to use that product and you will probably be throwing it in the bin unused as it’s passed its expiry date. 3. Not reading the label. Now this one goes deep but basically if you know your skin type and the ingredients that does not agree with your skin, that you got to read the label. Or maybe there are just some harsh chemicals you just want to avoid. I know when you do your food shopping you pick up foods and check the label right? Why? So why not check the label on your skincare as when you rub it into your body it does actually go into your bloodstream. When shopping online look for a company that give the ingredients in English as well as the inci name like we do, that way you can check the label.

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