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Mini renew cleansing balm on canvas background

Our Mini Renew Cleansing Balm is a gentle everyday cleansing balm that will help cleanse your face without blocking your pores or stripping your skin of its natural oils. It contains natural ingredients like sea buckthorn c02 extract and castor oil which provide hydration and nourishment to your skin. Sea buckthorn c02 extract is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, while castor oil helps remove dirt, pollution, and impurities from the skin. This vegan cleansing balm is suitable for all skin types and can be used daily.

Mini Renew Cleansing Balm

  • Mini Renew Cleansing Balm 10g

    What It Does:

    • Decongests the skin and draws out dead skin, dirt and bacteria from your pores

    • Rejuvenates the complexion

    • Hydrates

    • Orange scent transforms the cleansing ritual in to an uplifting experience

    • Texture: Semi solid Balm

    Scent: Hints of Frankincense and Orange

    Key Ingredient: Castor Oil, It removes unwanted dirt and oil from the pores and leaves the necessary oils .

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