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Before taking a shower, you use a body brush, dry and starting from your toes you gently stroke the brush on your body in an upward motion, towards the heart at all times. This really helps remove dry skin and encourages the growth of new skin.


Given that your body is the largest organ you have, and it is also your protective layer. We should be incredibly careful of what products we use on our skin, as what you put on your body is quickly absorbed into your blood stream. Take a closer look at the ingredients in your products and avoid harsh chemicals.

Tip #3 - HAVE A BATH

Bathing with bath salts such as our Revitalize bath salts is a great way to detoxify. The bath salts contain Epsom salts which are a powerful skin detoxifier and also Hawaiian Lava salts infused with charcoal which also has amazing detoxing benefits.


Drink Plenty of water. If you are anything like me and are not a big fan of water, try adding some flavour, like a slice of lemon or drink some herbal tea. You could also drink coconut water (my personal fav). So, water is going to help you flush out your system and get rid of those toxins in your body.


Exfoliate to get rid of those dead skin cells. Exfoliating once a week helps to get rid of those dead cells and bring out that new healthy skin underneath. Now you can Exfoliate both your face and your body but I don’t advise you use the same scrub for both as the skin on our face is much finer and delicate than the body. So make sure you find a fine one for your face and go for a medium to coarse scrub for the body.

Tip #6 - SLEEP

Get enough Sleep. On average as an adult you need about 7 hours sleep. So while you sleep your body repairs itself and your skin regenerates, so this is a good time to add some extra nutrients as the skin will love it. We all know how we are when we don’t get enough sleep, irritable, on edge, headaches and the list goes on, not too mention this also has negative effects on the skin.

Tip #7 - DIET

Check your diet: avoid those fatty foods and instead reach for those leafy greens and smoothies. Avoid too much sugar and increase your intake of essential fatty acids. which have anti-aging properties for the skin and help skin cells to grow stronger. Salmon is a great fish for this.

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